Control App

Pollight Web App

  • Data Delivered to you in a usable format

  • Easy to access and understand your data

  • Timely, Accurate and Comprehensive

Reduction in energy consumption

Pollight’s BAS can help reduce your building energy costs by as much as 40%* through scheduling, climate management and other advanced functionalities.

Pollight’s BAS  reduces building maintenance costs, saving troubleshooting time by identifying the problem in time and conducting routine tests.

Pollight - Central Control

Real-Time Status and Analysis of various building parameters


    A complete real-time view of building's occupancy and pattern analysis to reach better management decisions


    CO2 and Humidity levels affect occupants' wellbeing and productivity. Adjust HVAC system to better inside air quality

  • Energy use

    Optimize your energy use

Manage and Control

As the saying goes “what gets measured gets managed”. Pollight’s BAS’s centralized building management allows building managers to measure, control and analyze all aspects of building energy use and consumption in real-time to the highest granularity of a single device in a specific location. Devices can be grouped together and managed using customizable scripts meeting your needs and specifications.