Smart, Connected Lighting

Take care of your building’s lighting needs. Get so much more.

  • Absolutely Wireless connectivity

    Our system does not require any designated infrastructure. Install our lighting fixtures just like any lighting fixture and get valuable insight of building’s operation.

  • Sensory System

    Our system consists of: Light, Occupancy, Co2 and Humidity sensors. Adjust and Optimize light levels, Air Quality and Maintenance tasks.

  • Improve Human Experience

    Having the ability to dim lights and change the light color from cold to warm white is very important. Lighting has the ability to improve many aspects of human wellbeing and space experience. Scroll down to find out more.

  • Maintenance Notifications

    No more phone-calls to the maintenance office to report a light fixture that is not functioning well. Your maintenance manager gets real-time alerts of any issue. It’s that simple!

  • Self-Adjusting System

    Set the system up with your own preferable settings and scenarios. For example- set up the optimal light level for each space and the lighting system will automatically adjust itself to meet that desired level, in accordance with the sunlight coming in from the windows. The system will adjust the lighting intensity continuously throughout the whole day.

  • Central Control App

    Manage everything from the palm of your hand. Operations managers set up optimal operations and get analysis of usage patterns to optimize energy use and air quality. Maintenance managers get notifications for anything requiring their attention. End-users change their room settings to their own personal preferences.

A flexible and high-performing lighting system for each type of building

Many types of buildings can benefit from smart lighting. The lights’ color and intensity can be easily changed for various uses.

  • Hospitals

    Patients’ healing process is affected by lighting.

  • Office Buildings

    Employees are more creative, productive and have a higher morale

  • Universities

    Light affects students’ focus and learning skills.

Energy Savings lead to OpEx savings

How do you save money using our lighting system?

  • Dimming enables daylight harvesting

    Our system senses the level of sunlight coming in from the window and automatically and dynamically dims the lights to complement it. We designed our lights to use less power when their intensity is dimmed. Less power leads to money savings!

  • Scheduling Operations times

    We’re surprised to see how many building’s lights stay on during weekends and night time. Even in offices with scheduling abilities, usually the systems are not user-friendly at all so nobody utilizes them. With Pollight-lighting no light will stay on when it’s not needed.

  • Occupancy sensing

    Occupancy sensing has two different routes to money savings. The obvious one is in spaces where it’s defined to turn the lights off when vacant. The not-so-obvious money savings lie in building maintenance. With our system you can allocate maintenance teams according to areas that are busier. Optimizing your maintenance crew activities can lead to money savings.