Pollight - Smart HVAC system’s value

  • Remote scheduling of operational time

  • Automated response to changes in Temperature, Humidity and Occupancy

  • Real time alerts

You could use your energy way smarter and save the planet at the same time without altering the occupant experience!

Optimize the temperature in the room, according to the needs. Pollight’s system is event driven. Pre-define external or internal event for you’re A/C to work accordingly.

For instance, in case of no occupants in the room (internal event) the system will adjust to switch off the A/C. Or depending on the rise of the energy prices (external event) your building will switch to saving mode.

By knowing the geo-localization of the building, we can also assume the sunrise and sunset time to optimize the temperature in the room in a sustainable way.

  • Create the ultimate workspace

    Enhance the room ambiance and increase welfare of the occupants in the room, in one click, remotely.

  • Machine learning

    Pollight’s system will learn from the occupant’s habits and predict the right actions.

  • A/C unit maintenance

    Get notified when a A/C unit needs maintenance. This way, you maintain the right functionality of the space within minimal efforts.

Pollight – Smart HVAC

  • Increase savings – Go green and save on energy and labor costs
  • End-to-end solution – Smart end devices with centralized control
  • Improve Occupant experience – Create an outstanding experience for the tenants
  • Absolutely Wireless – The simplest way the installation could get

Main advantages

  • Keep your building green

    Reduce energy costs by adjusting the temperature according to the actual usage and position of the room

  • Enhance Occupant experience

    Adjust temperature according to the tenant’s need.

  • Reduce operational costs

    Optimize A/C usage.