Benefits & Features

Main Benefits of Pollight’s BAS

Reduction in energy consumption – Pollight’s BAS can help reduce your building energy costs by as much as 40%* through scheduling, climate management and other advanced functionalities.

Pollight’s BAS  reduces  building maintenance by sending fault alerts saving trouble shooting  time catching the problem at time, conducting  routine inspections,

Manage and Control – As the saying goes “what gets measured gets managed”. Pollight’s BAS’s centralized building management allows building managers and their owners to measure, control and analyze all aspects of building energy use and consumption in real-time to the highest granularity of a single device in a specific location. Devices can be grouped together for scheduling or energy usage and managed using customizable scripts meeting your needs and specifications.

Price – Pollight’s BAS and smart devices are priced competitively – up to 50% cheaper than competing vendors’ prices.  Installing our system can be done in a fraction of the time it takes for other technologies.

Pollight BAS Main Features

  • Central and remote control via a cloud web-based application accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Flexible and robust platform to control all HVAC, lighting and safety systems, ensuring maximum energy efficiency
  • Open system interoperable with smart devices and BACNET and LONWORKS protocols.
  • Scalable to meet the needs for a single building, to a campus or enterprise with multiple locations
  • Maintenance and built-in troubleshooting features to save on repair time and costs
  • Plug and play device identification allows fast setup of addressable devices
  • Real-time monitoring of all devices with advanced scheduling and alarm functions
  • Customizable using scripting to meet all of your building management needs