Pollight BAS Management

Pollight’s Management core is an open system that allows building managers to fully customize the monitoring and allocation and usage of building resources and power consumption. Pollight allows you to optimize the most efficient power usage, for example by calibrating building devices with externalities such as amount of daylight hours, sun direction and outside weather temperature and humidity. You can also quickly adapt building resources on-the-fly if needed to changing conditions in weather or sudden changes in occupancy. Using Pollight you can lower your building energy costs by as much as 40%.

Our system is Plug & Play, wireless using a secure-built-in encryption protocol over WiFi. This means that installation is fast and economical and as much as 60% lower cost than competing systems. Once you start using Pollight’s system and devices, even for just one section of a building, you can easily roll out the system to the entire building using the same BAS Management system and devices. Furthermore, the system is scalable to campuses or complexes, such as universities and municipalities and even multiple buildings in different locations.

Pollight allows you to define actions to respond to various events in a predefined and uniform manner across building resources. Energy usage guidelines can be defined to high level of measurement and implemented seamlessly throughout a building or groups of buildings.

Using Pollight’s BAS scripts module, ordinary building activities can be defined via scripts down to the individual luminaire or thermostat using scheduling or input from sensors. Scripts allow for a real-time response to the real-time monitoring of building resources and energy use, yielding significant savings in energy costs. Scripts allow building management to instantly respond to unexpected external events such as extreme weather changes or emergency situations, improving the safety and comfort of building occupants.