Emergency Lights

A properly working emergency light system can be the difference between life and death in the event of an emergency. Because of their importance, there are strict local regulations and ordinances regarding how often emergency light systems need to be inspected .  These periodic inspections tend to be labor intensive.

Pollight’s BAS’s Emergency Light Module provides real-time monitoring for faults in the emergency light system at the individual device level.  This means that building occupants are given the highest level of safety in the event of emergency, as any faults in the system are immediately flagged for inspection.

Pollight’s luminaires are modular, meaning that replacing a defective luminary is done by pulling it out from a connector and sticking a new one (takes only 2-3 minute) lower maintenance cost

Pollight uses Lithium-ion batteries with longer life spans. However, Pollight’s system  increases the  battery life  by charging and discharging policy .

System key features

  • Automated testing and reporting (reduce manpower)
  • Real-time fault reporting (increases safety)
  • Automatic charge/discharge battery (increases battery lifespan)
  • Lithium-ion battery (longer lifespan)
  • Modular luminaire for easy and rapid luminaire replacement saving man power